Monday, March 1, 2010

The Maling Room - Where It All Started...

I was down in Melbourne visiting my boyfriend, Mr Dorky, when one of his friends, Miss Zoo, invited me out for lunch on a Friday afternoon. This was my third time meeting her, but this time, we were alone without our other halves, which gave us a chance to get to know one another.

We talked about her forthcoming wedding in April and then we talked about my aspirations to be a writer and I told her about my website which I was about to launch.

When our food arrived, I whipped out my pink Sony camera and proceeded to take pictures of the wonderful feast. Miss Zoo asked me what I did with these food photos and I said that it was just to post up on Facebook. She then said that I should start a food blog, but I shrugged off the idea because I didn't think I had the photography skills.

However, I thought more and more about it. I love blogging. I love food. So here I am, giving food blogging a try!

Without further ado, feast your eyes on this breakfast food porn at The Maling Room!

Miss Zoo ordered scrambled eggs with vintage cheddar and mushrooms topped with truffle oil

 And I ordered bacon, fried eggs and spinach

Not only was the presentation beautifully executed but the food was delicious and extremely filling. It's not your usual greasy spoon affair and this was reflected in the prices - which is a bit hefty for an unemployed bum like me. LOL!

Food Porn Factor : 10 out of 10 - since it was this place which triggered the idea of this food blog!

206 Canterbury Rd
VIC 3126
(03) 9836 9889

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