Friday, March 5, 2010

Lowenbrau Keller - Achtung Baby!

Achtung Baby!  This was the title of a U2 album but did you know what it means?  It means, "Attention Baby!" in good old German.

I studied German in school and I was told I had a natural talent for it.  Now, years later, I remember jack!  LOL!

I have yet to visit Germany, but I had a taste of German food in Sydney at The Lowenbrau Keller.  The menu offers a wide range of meals - from schnitzels to wurst to pork belly - and plenty of beer!!

I have been there twice already and tried the following dishes :-

Schweinschaxn - oven roasted pork knuckle with sauerkraut and mashed potato
Unfortunately, it looks better than it tasted.  Everyone who tried it complained about the dryness of the meat.  It was just too overcooked with no retention of the moisture resulting in hard, dry meat.  Tastewise, I remember someone complaining that it was too salty.  The mashed potato was good though with a smooth texture and nice buttery taste.  As for the sauerkraut, let's just say that it is an acquired taste.

Knuspriger Schweinebauch - crackling roast pork belly with Lowenbrau Bier sauce, sauteed potatoes and red cabbage
The pork belly crackling was quite tasty, but it was such a meagre portion for the price you pay ~A$35.  I am also a carb-lover, so I did not think there was enough potatoes to balance out the acidic taste from the red cabbage.

And my two guy friends - Mr Pistol and Mr Egg - ordered the Schlachtplatte - sausages, chicken schnitzel, pork belly served with mash potato and sauerkraut to share.  Two big lads like them even struggled to finish that meat platter.  Good choice for anyone on the Atkin's Diet.

Personally, I like to have some banter with my friends while dining but this was impossible due to the sheer racket caused by the German band consisting of 4-5 oldies dressed in some German folks uniform.

And when they did stop for a break (thank GOD!), they played games - e.g. drinking beer competition and singing and dancing competition - which kept the crowd amused.

I am leaving Sydney next week to move to Melbourne where my boyfriend stays.  I am trying to eat at all the nice eateries before I leave and Lowenbrau is not one of them, I'm afraid.  Nevertheless, it's a place to take your friends if they are visiting you from overseas, i.e. tourist attraction. 

(Tip for any tourists : there's always some coupon for free beer at this place in those tourist booklets when you buy a meal)

Food Porn Factor : 6.5 out of 10 - my Mum makes better roast pork belly crackling!

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