Thursday, January 27, 2011

BBQ At Auntie Sooi And Uncle Bryan's

From time to time, I still get homesick and I crave family time. I miss all my family and friends in UK...but I know that my new life is in Melbourne, so although I get nervous, I am happy meeting Hubby's family. We were invited to Auntie Sooi and Uncle Bryan's home near Burwood for a family BBQ. (Note - Auntie Sooi isn't really Noah's aunt...but his Dad's that makes them second cousins??? Who knows??)

My mouth watered when I saw the food. Yum yum yum! There was an amazing smell of sausages and chicken skewers on the barbie - which was manned by Uncle Bryan.

Auntie Sooi had been busy. There was a big bowl of fried rice, a platter of fried vermicelli noodles, salad and stir-fried green beans.

I piled some goodies onto my plate - fried rice, noodles, salad, green beans, a nicely barbecued sausage and a pork chop. At events like these where I don't know many people, I like to be polite and eat small, polite portions. I don't want people thinking I'm a greedy gut! LOL. But don't worry, I went back for seconds!

It was a lovely day so we enjoyed sitting outside to enjoy the food. After we had filled our bellies, we cleared up the tables and sat and chatted for a while. And then, it was Dessert Time!

What a beautiful fruit platter!!! It was filled with pieces of mango, banana, passionfruit, watermelon, peaches, lychee and grapes. And jelly! There was also chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake - which you can see a bit of in the photo. I didn't take a photo of the cheesecake because I am a cheese-phobic haha.

We had a lovely BBQ that day. Thank you Auntie Sooi and Uncle Bryan!

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