Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Auction Rooms, North Melbourne

Feeling adventurous, me and a couple of guy friends, Jack and Jerry, headed out to North Melbourne for some brunch one sunny afternoon. Auction Rooms is a cafe which was highly recommended by one of our girlfriends. We got there just before midday and even though it was a weekday, the place was busy, but we managed to get a table. As it was a hot day, we ordered some cold refreshing drinks - ginger beer for Jack, blood orange juice for me and an iced coffee for Jerry.

The menu has breakfast and lunch options. After a few minutes of exploring the menu options, we made our decisions and ordered.

I ordered lamb and rosemary pie with mushy peas, salsa verde, rocket and nigella jus. It was well-presented and the aroma was enticing.

The pie crust was light and crispy and the filling was hot meaty goodness! This awesome pie worked well with the mushy peas and the salad greens. I LOVED IT! It was definitely the best Aussie pie I have had so far!

Jacky ordered the opening bid - free range poached eggs, Andrew's choice smoked bacon, braised field mushroom, grilled tomato and sauteed spinach on dench sourdough (put simply, it was bacon, eggs, mushroom, tomato and spinach on toast) It looked appealing but I don't think it would have been substantial enough for my big belly!

As for Jerry, he ordered the knuckle sandwich - braised pork knuckle with piccalilli, rocket and aged cheddar in a warm ciabatta roll with pickled chilli. He said it was fantastic and extremely satisfying. He offered me a bite but because of the cheese (I am a cheese-phobic), I politely declined.

Final Verdict

Auction Rooms is a great place for brunch, but can be a bit noisy with the music (or maybe I'm just getting old!) We had no complaints about the food and the prices were reasonable - think we spent about $20 AUD each. And I will definitely return one day with Hubby in tow - he loves lamb and he loves pie so he would have loved what I ordered!

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