Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review Of Menulog

Menulog is an online Australian restaurant guide and booking service.  When I was contacted by a rep for Menulog to review their services, I jumped at the chance.  Hello, I love eating!!  So I went on their website at to check it out.

Plus Points

  • Website is user-friendly - no fancy 'schamncy' stuff
  • Choices are Home Delivery, Pick-Up or Dining Out
  • Just type in your postcode or suburb and a list of restaurants will show up
  • Detailed information about restaurants with opening and closing hours, menus and prices
  • Read other people's reviews which I find very helpful in deciding where to eat
  • Free to use Menulog and it also offers reward points
  • Special offers at some restaurants, e.g. 25% off
  • There is also a free iPhone app for Menulog - I mean, how cool is that?!

Minus Points

  • Unfortunately, when I typed in my postcode, only 2 restaurants showed up.  A measly 2.  This means that I have a very limited choice of restaurants in my suburb which will offer Home Delivery (BUT it is possible to email Menulog to inform them of any restaurants which are not there - I shall try that later and see what happens...)
After browsing and checking out the options available for me, I decided to put in an order.  It was very easy to do this.  Click on the menu to choose your meal and then choose the time you want the meal to be ready.  Fill in your details and then wait for the confirmation SMS.  

The 2 restaurants which showed up in our area were a pizzeria and a Thai restaurant.  I am a cheese-phobic so we went for Thai food at One Thai.  Hubby and I decided to pick-up our meal at the confirmed time of 18.30, (i.e. 6.30pm).  However, when we got there, our meal was not ready.  The restaurant staff had misread the time and thought it was at 8.30pm (i.e. 20.30).  We waited for another 15 minutes till they made up the meal.  Good thing we decided to go pick-up our meal because if we had been waiting for delivery, we would have been waiting for a long time!

We ordered duck red curry and sweet and chilli fish.

I was slightly disappointed with my Menulog experience although it was not their fault.  I blame it on the One Thai staff member who cannot read the time properly in 24-hour digital format!

Would I use Menulog again?

Even though, my first experience with Menulog didn't turn out as planned, I would use it again because I enjoyed browsing through all the restaurants and reviews.  Plus, with the reward points scheme, it is an added incentive.  Next time, I would like to try the delivery experience and see how that goes.  If I do, I shall definitely review my next experience here.  

Have you tried Menulog before?  Well, now is the perfect time to do so because I have a special Menulog offer just for my readers.

Go to and get $10 off your first order with this code at checkout: 987C33
Details: Available for a user’s first order only, at participating restaurants only (which display the “accepts vouchers”) sign, expires Dec. 31, 2011, min order $20.

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