Thursday, February 3, 2011

Monga Dessert Lounge, Box Hill

I'm a dentist by profession so I LOVE it when people like desserts because it keeps us in demand - haha. Anyway, I have been to Monga Dessert Lounge a few times and like the boring old fart that I am, I have ordered the same dessert every time - red bean sweet soup with lily bulbs and lotus seeds.

I LOVE this Chinese dessert sweet soup because it comes in a relatively large bowl when it is piping hot - I'm a hot or cold person; I hate lukewarm. The sweet soup has the perfect amount of sweetness for me - many places make this sweeter and often, I dilute it with more hot water. The red beans, lily bulbs and lotus seeds are cooked to perfection too - soft but still got that tiny bit of bite to it. And that is why I have ordered it E-V-E-R-Y time I go there. Some may say that it is expensive for a bowl of sweet soup at $5 - yes it is, but then again, I don't mind paying for something that I enjoy eating.

I have tried their other desserts by sampling the Husband and friends' orders and alas, nothing compares to the red bean sweet soup.

Red bean pancake - I would describe this as red beans wrapped in glutinous rice paste and deep fried. I thought that it was oily but it did have a nice chewy consistency and not too sweet.

Mango sweet soup with popping boba, pomelo, sago and grass jelly - last time I checked, this cost $8.50. It sounded interesting as I have never tried popping boba - it's basically small balls filled with sweet liquid which burst when you bite into it. However, this dessert was lacking for me - the mango was sour, the pomelo was non-existent and the soup base was just far too sweet.

Mango sweet soup with pomelo and sago - this is another mango-based dessert from Monga Dessert Lounge which did not impress me.

Watermelon with herbal jelly drink - refreshing on a hot day

Monga Dessert Lounge is quite a popular hang-out during the weekends. The decor is pretty cool and is supposed to remind you of Hong Kong. I'm being safe by ordering the same red bean dessert every time because everything else I have tried so far is pretty dire to be honest. Would I recommend it to friends? Yes - like I said before, these dessert places keep my job in demand!

(Disclaimer : I am a HUGE fan of mango-based desserts of Hong Kong dessert places like Hui Lau Shan and Honeymoon Dessert so my palate has been accustomed to superior mango-based desserts so nothing else can compare)

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Mei said...

-drools- now I miss the Asian food even more...

Melody said...

Mmmm these look yummy.

Ling Tung said...

@Mei - Asian food is the best =)

@Melody - Yummy for the tummy. And my shout? ermmm....haha... I say Vu! lol

Gerrytales said...

Eeeeek the red bean soup scared me when I first looked at it :O Gosh!
Mango related dessrts look delicious!!! I am hungry for some now...
Sometimes I wish I was full Chinese so I can understand the language and culture more! >.<
Thanks for sharing these desserts bubs ~

♥ Gerry

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

all this food porn is making feel like I should go to church. LOL I think I will go get me some dessert at the nearby HK Cafe.. now. ^_^

Ling Tung said...

@Gerry - Mango desserts are the best =) Are you not fully Chinese?

@Mishi a la mode - hehe, yes, time to go to church. I always have room for dessert!

grub said...

oh wow! i always see this place in Melon magazine, so i wanted to go to Box Hill just to try something. thanks for reviewing it. btw do they only serve dessert?

Ling Tung said...

@grub - it's yummy...but they also serve other non-dessert stuff like noodles and polo buns

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